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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Excellent Article - What did Tebow do to deserve all this hate?

Despite all the successes that Tebow has earned over his on and off the field life, there are still the numerous people who despise him. I guess people just do not like other people who succeed and do well at what they do.

This article from the Orlando Sentinal talks about this such topic and gives some great pointers so I hope everyone will read it in its entirety.

Feel free to comment as I'm sure you guys will have an opinion since it seems like everyone does to some degree whether positive or negative.

I will post tidbits of the article since its fairly long.

Here we go
These are the sins of Tim Tebow: He is nice to strangers. He's never been arrested. His body is not a canvas of unsightly tattoos. He sometimes uses the word "freak" as a euphemism for the F-bomb because he doesn't curse. He is one of the greatest football players in college football history.

How anyone can stand him is anybody's guess.

The venom spews daily, in the anonymity of blog posts, in cyberspace hate groups, in the voices of callers from Alabama to Alaska. Tim Tebow, party piƱata. Everybody take a whack.

The chaos that surrounds Tebow is baffling. He is the most polarizing athlete of this generation, for reasons that remain murky.

No question there's a lot of love for him out there, and the kissy-poo infatuation can go overboard. But a lot of people loathe him simply because he's a great football player, a nice guy, and has received a ton of good publicity because of the things that he does. The pop psychology spin goes deeper than the obvious Gator-hater backlash.

How else does one explain a Facebook page called "I HATE Tim Tebow," with 3,516 members? "This group is for" anyone who hates that unathletic fullback who takes snaps as a quarterback," it says on the page.

Read the rip jobs wishing misery on Tebow: "Tebow will go down as the best clipboard holder and cheerleader the NFL has ever seen."

Hear the critics like former NFL great Joe Theismann, who said during Super Bowl week that Tebow should have quit playing football after graduating from Florida.

Tebow should tell all of them to go kiss his Jockey shorts, now that he has a few to spare as the new company spokesman.

I hope Tebow destroys all the NFL myths about prototype quarterbacks. I hope he makes the Jacksonville brain trust bop foreheads in shame and scream: "What were we thinking!" I hope he continues to be authentic in his wholesome approach to football, family and faith.

"He has proven he practices what he preaches, and a lot of athletes don't do that, so a lot of people are skeptical," said Eric Wilbur, a former teammate at Florida and his friend. "No other athlete has been able to do it, whether it's Tiger Woods or Kobe Bryant. We thought they were this and they're not."


I just pray that Tebow will continue on this path he is on and keep proving his doubters wrong. All it will take is one bad choice and everyone will slam him for it but if he keeps it up, he will continue to make a lot of followers. Hopefully at some point these 'haters' will quit their negative outlook about Tebow and realize they are just blowing hot air into the wind with no given point in doing it.

Thanks for reading this article and I am looking forward to your comments.

The link for the article in its entirety can be found here

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