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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Tim Tebow will not be just another ordinary NFL player

Its clearly evident that Tebow stands out from every other NFL player in the league today. He is the most talked about player that has entered the league recently. He has sold the most jerseys as a rookie. And has been the face of negative feedback from those so called professionals once he committed to the NFL.

Tebow possesses the most potent attributes that any player should have. Desire, Commitment, Passion and Leadership. While some say these won't necessarily win games, it does play a rather large factor in it.

Think of this, what about if he came into the league with his attributes reversed. Lets say he entered the league as a pure QB, with great accuracy and great pocket presence, but he lacked the leadership and commitment to the game. Which QB would be easier to teach? I guarantee you that its easier to teach mechanics then to teach personal attributes.

So overall Tebow is in a great spot. He is learning fast and becoming a student of the game. His strong desire to be the best at what he does is propelling him to the top (at least with jersey sales and underwear endorsements so far).

The Bleacher Report put out a good article about Tebow and one segment said this

Tebow may not be blessed with the speed of Michael Vick, or the cannon of an arm Brett Favre has, but Tebow has something that every NFL player should have, heart and toughness.

This is so true. When he played at Florida, everyone knew who was running the ball on short yardage downs. Tim knew he could push the ball and get those yards. Yes, he does have size on his side but he always had heart too. He knew in his mind that if he wanted to, he could get those extra yards. He wasn't timid or scared. He was focused.

Another part of the article had this to say

Tebow knows how to put his head down and get the extra yard, which many quarterbacks are unwilling to do for fear of injury, and rightfully so, but Tebow has the strong and sturdy stature to make it happen.

Its amazing the willingness that Tebow has to perform when the time calls for it. When he suffered his concussion against Kentucky, that could of been it for him. He could of quit the game he loved to play. But instead of being overly careful about his health, he took on the challenge and continued to play hard. I love that passion in him.

The Bleacher Report also said this

There are few quarterbacks who demand the huddle and have the type of presence that a player like Peyton Manning has, but Tebow can be that type of player in the NFL. Manning is able to do it because everyone knows what kind of work he puts in after practice, studying film on his opponent and learning the game.

Now comparing Tebow with Manning will get some people upset, especially since Tim hasn't proved anything out on the field yet. However Tebow possesses the other aspects that Manning has. And those other aspects are what gained respect from his veteran teammates. Go back to what I mentioned earlier about Tebow and swapping attributes. If he had the power and accuracy then we wouldn't be talking to much about the differences. However since he has the other traits, Tim can learn the rest of it.

I will leave you guys with a neat video

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