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Monday, August 16, 2010

Tebow's first NFL game

I know I know it was just a preseason game and it wasn't against any big named defensive players but it was still his first game against an opponent. Overall I would give him a B-. I liked some things and didn't like other things. I felt he did a good job of finding his receivers with exception to one over thrown ball. His first throw was gorgeous if only the receiver had caught it. And of course we saw the reason Tim was picked in the first round, that final play TD. What a hit he took and delivered. But he got back up and thankfully didn't get injured. I'm sure that defensive player didn't expect a QB to come full force at him lol.

But overall I don't think there was more negatives then positives. Yes he did get sacked and fumbled which obviously the haters out there loved to see. But handling the pressure will come with practice. There is only so much pressure you will receive during training camp. The main thing I'm worried about is the lack of a star receiver that will be there to make the play when the pass is slightly off target.

Another topic that was brought up is Tebow's chances of moving ahead of Quinn for the backup spot. Since Quinn looked horrid yesterday, that definetly was put in Tebow's favor.

It's interesting when they compared Tebow's stats to McCoy, Clausen and Bradford and overall Tebow had a better day. But you gotta remember that it wasn't against anyone special. Lets wait and see when he officially starts against the first stringers whenever that time comes.

In case you missed any of Tebow's game yesterday here is a video with clips from it.

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