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Friday, July 30, 2010

Tebow's Responses

Both McDaniels and Tebow were questioned about how things are going around camp and these were Tebow's responses.

On whether he was telling his agent to hurry and get the contract done: “(Laughing) We were definitely trying to push and get out here – I was – and I was blessed, though, with a great front office here and a great agent that handled everything and got it done, and now I’m out here and I don’t have to worry about anything except playing football.”

On whether he feels that he’s behind: “I think so, I’ve got to catch up on the installs that I missed and just keep working, but that’s something that I can control – my work ethic and just studying and trying to catch up, so I’ll look forward to that challenge.”

On whether it’s a similar feeling to when he was a freshman at the University of Florida: “Well, it’s a little bit different being an NFL player rather than being a freshman in college, but you still get that feeling of just being new to everything and trying to learn and understand it and just trying to grow as fast as you can, so there are some similarities.”

On handling pressure: “Well, I think I’ve had somewhat pressure on me the last few years and I don’t really ever think about it, because all I worry about is what I can control and that’s my attitude, my effort and my focus. Those are all things that I can control – I can’t control anything else, so I’m really not going to spend much time worrying about it.”

On the difficulty of not being able to participate in practice on Wednesday or Thursday: “I’ll tell you what bothered me – my teammates out here practicing and I wasn’t out here, and I was looking forward to getting out there and just being with the team and not being separated or not being different. I was really looking forward to getting out here.”

On his expectations for camp: “I’ve talked to a lot of veterans here, other veterans that I know around the league and different coaches and just tried to get a feel for what it’s going to be like – how to prepare myself, my body, my mind, everything, the right nutrition program, the right rest program – all those things, just to handle it the right way.”

On his conversations with McDaniels: “Well, we talk a lot, so there were a lot of conversations, but obviously he wanted me out here and I wanted to be here, so it was just a matter of everybody just finishing it.”

On whether he’s focused more on mechanics or learning the playbook: “Well, I’m definitely focused on the playbook, but I’m also focused on mechanics, my drops, my footwork, learning a new offense, the play-action fakes we’ve got, the different stuff that I’m not used to from college, and so it’s a combination of both, definitely.”

On former Broncos QB John Elway downplaying the importance of mechanics: “Well sometimes it definitely can be (overemphasized) because like he said, at the end of the day it’s if you can get it to the receiver or not and how quickly you can get it to him, so I think it definitely improves your game. It can help, but also, you've just got to be able to get it there.”

On whether he’s looking forward to contact: “(Laughing) I am looking forward to it – it may be a negative of mine is that I look forward to that and I’m a quarterback so you kind of have to stay calm, but it is fun once Sunday gets out here and everybody is hitting - I’ll get excited too.”

I just glad the contract issues are done and behind him. Now Tebow can show the Veterans of the team that he means business and to prove to them that he can play to their expectations. I think that once Tebow makes his first rundown of a defensive player, everyone will know he has arrived :).

He was smart in talking to everyone in order to find out what to expect when he arrives to camp. Its best to be prepared as much as possible before hand then find out all the surprises when you get there.

I am looking forward to when the first video's go online of Tebow working out. I am checking every day so when they do I can put them on here.

Speaking of videos I located the page that has Tebow answering these questions.

Tim Tebow's Video Responses

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Tebow has signed a 5 year contract with the Broncos

It has finally happened.
This report comes from

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. -- Tim Tebow has agreed to a contract with the Denver Broncos.

The two-time national champion from Florida and 25th pick in the NFL Draft missed the first three workouts for rookies and selected veterans while his agent, Jimmy Sexton, and general manager Brian Xanders hammered out a deal.

ESPN has reported the deal is worth $33 million over five years with $8.7 million guaranteed.

Tebow is expected to practice Friday morning, the final session before training camp begins Sunday with a full squad.

I'm happy it has finally happened. It was a few days late but at least Tebow will be able to start training camp.

Now I will be watching for videos showing him at camp and hopefully I can get them on here for you guys to watch.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

2010 Panini Classic Tim Tebow rewards

I opened up my case of 2010 Panini Classics football this afternoon and after 4 hours of searching I ended up with 3 Tebow cards with one being a duplicate so I will only show two of them.

Even though I didn't pull any Tebow auto's like I was hoping for, I did get a Sam Bradford auto so not too bad.

I listed all the Jersey/Patch cards and a few rookie autos on the SCR forums if anyone is interested in seeing them.

Click here to go to the forum post

New Contract...With Jockey

Well Tebow finally signed a contract, just not with the Denver Broncos. On July 27th, Tim Tebow signed a multi-year contract to be the spokesperson for the Jockey brand.

Tebow will work with several of Jockey’s lines, including the Jockey® “Staycool” collection, which launches in spring 2011. Tebow will be featured in Jockey’s catalog, TV and print advertisements and on Jockey and Tebow will also collaborate on unique content for social media platforms.

“Tim is a highly gifted athlete with a positive attitude and an admirable character,” remarked Jockey Chairman and CEO Debra S. Waller. “We at Jockey see a very bright future with Tim, and believe that he is an excellent representative for the brand. Tim is genuine, smart and driven and those qualities align well with Jockey. We look forward to building a long and collaborative relationship with him in the coming years.”

“I’m excited to represent the Jockey brand and to work with such an innovative company,” said Tebow. “I’ve long been a fan and consumer of Jockey, and think they make a quality product with a great fit. I’m looking forward to a great relationship with such a respectable company.”

This is a big step for Tebow. I like this decision because Jockey isn't a negative brand that has a bad public viewing. Jockey made a smart choice considering Tebow's success with selling Jerseys and other merchandise.

The contract details are still a secret mostly due to Jockey being a private company. If any news comes out regarding it, I will definetly post it.

Short but growing Tebow card collection

As I pick up Tim Tebow football cards from case breaks or Ebay auctions, I will list them. My goal is to get every single Tebow card possible. I know its a big feat to try to accomplish but it will be done.. at some time lol. All these cards pictured above will be sent to Beckett for grading so I will post the new pictures when the time comes.

2010 Score Artist Proof #396 23/32 - BV $100

2010 Donruss Elite Team Auto #34 - BV $175

2010 Donruss Elite Status Auto #126 13/24 - BV $250

So as you can see I am getting the expensive ones out of the way first lol. My next case of 2010 Panini Classics is scheduled to arrive today so once that is opened I will post the key cards on SCR Forums and on here so check back tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Short Promotion

If you are a sports card collector and would like to join a small but knowledgeable group of collectors. Sports Card Radio and its forum is the place for you. Its not like any of these other forums who have thousands of members. At SCR even though the member count is small, the quality sure isn't lacking when it comes to knowledge and experience in the sports card field.

I have been a member since 09 and I absolutely love it. Everyone is friendly and happy to talk about anything sports card related. And it's not just sports cards its sports in general that we chat about.

So if you have some time, please come by and check them out. Its a great place to share your collecting stories.

I almost forgot about the equally as important feature with SCR. The creator of the forums, Colin and his brother Ryan, puts together podcast about sports card topics. These topics cover anything and everything that the sports card collector would need to know. So be sure to check them out also on this page - - there are currently 57 shows to listen to.

See you there!

Release Date...Finally

It has finally arrived. The long awaited date. These shoes (Tim Tebow Nike Trainer 1.2) are going to fly off the market. I don't see just Florida Gator/Tim Tebow fans getting a pair but also collectors too. Just think if you have a pair in pristine condition laying at your house or business where your collection is, and Tebow does in fact go on to have a Hall of Fame type career. The value increase on those would be up the roof.

I have read several forums where pictures of the shoe have been listed and it has been mostly "ugly" comments. So I am guessing you have to be a true Florida fan to enjoy the style and how Nike/EA Sports designed the shoe. For me they had me at Orange and Blue lol, everything else was just a BIG plus. Alright enough with the suspense, I have talked enough without disclosing the date :). Here it is.

August 6, 2010 @

I talked to a Nike representative and it was disclosed that the shoe will be released roughly at midnight and have a cost of around $100. So I am hoping that by the time I wake up on the 6th that there will be a pair or two still there for me :). He wouldn't tell me exactly how many pairs would be available for purchase, just said "They would be in limited quantity." Oh well I tried. Now for the pictures. These pictures were first published on which is the same website who let us know of the release date, so big props to them.

Well that's enough chatter for now. I have a new date to look forward to besides Wednesday hehe.

Please let me know if there are any changes that could make this blog better by commenting and I will respond as quickly as possible. Thanks

Monday, July 26, 2010

Welcome to my Blog

I will make my first post an intro post to let you guys know a little about me for those who don't already.

My name is Chad. I am 26 and currently residing in Florida. I started collecting when I was a teen and got hooked on it from then on out. I had to take a break when I went into the US Air Force where I served from 2001-2004. I was stationed @ Ramstein AB, Germany, where I served as a Crew Chief (Aircraft Mechanic) on C-130s and C-9s. I absolutely loved every minute of it and if I could go back in I would in a heartbeat but due to medical reasons I can no longer serve.

So after I left, I decided to pick back up with collecting sports cards. I resumed with a sizable collection that I picked up from a collector who was going out of business and sold his cards to me for extremely cheap. These included mostly BVG graded MLB, NBA, NFL and a few NHL vintage cards. It also included some game used and auto from the modern years. Needless to say, it was a good collection to reestablish myself back into the community of sports card collecting again.

I decided not to open up a store on the streets but to instead start an online hobby selling mostly through Ebay and running trades through forums. So far it is working out well and I am having fun doing it, which is the important part.. right :).

I enjoy collecting specialty cards which include BGS/PSA graded cards (higher graded preferably), Game Used, Auto and Low serial numbered cards. Right now I am building up my Tim Tebow collection which I will go into in depth later in the blog. The most fun I have is opening up cases (when I can afford it that is) and seeing what key cards are in there that I can get graded if necessary and put up onto the store for sale or use for trades.

My first set of boxes I opened was the 2010 Panini Prestige which recently came out. I received some pretty good cards including several decent (hope to be better in the future) auto rookies which were sent to Beckett to be graded. I received several jersey cards to include a Colt McCoy patch/auto card which was pretty cool. I was going after a case of 2010 Donruss Elite but got robbed from an Ebayer who never communicated with me and I was forced to file a claim in which Ebay thankfully refunded the entire amount back to me. The next case I did was the current release of 2010 Panini Classics. This case was shipped and I am able to track it this time. I should receive it on Wednesday of this week, so I am pretty excited to open it when it arrives. I don't see any more releases in August for football so I am thinking of doing 2010 Topps Triple Threads Baseball next (only if I can make a good profit from the Panini Classics case since the Triple Threads case is quite expensive.

Alrighty as you can probably tell from my Blog Title I am a Tebow fan. Well actually I am a die hard Florida Gator fan both football and basketball. So when Tebow finished his career with Florida I immediately became a fan of the Denver Broncos and am rooting for Tebow to succeed. I am currently collecting as many Tebow cards as I can so I will be posting pictures of the cards I obtain through the cases I open or cheap Ebay/trades I can acquire. I will also keep you guys updated on any news regarding Tebow. Right now the Broncos Training Camp just started for the Rookies so we will see how Tebow does. There have been rumors that Tebow will have to holdout due to contract issues but I certainly hope that doesn't happen.

Alright that is it for my intro (even though it kinda went into a Tebow post lol) I will post more tomorrow on Tebow's new Nike Shoe and its just announced release date so you guys if interested can get a pair. Hope I can keep this blog exciting and full of good info so you guys don't fall asleep on me lol.

Have a good night everyone.