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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Fantasy Draft - Where does Tebow go?

This is as great of time as any for this question to be brought up since the draft for my fantasy league starts tonight.

Even though I am a die hard Tebow fan, does that mean I should take him as my second QB behind someone like Aaron Rodgers or Peyton Manning? How much playing time will he actually get? I think we will see during preseason whether or not he is going to be a contributing factor to fantasy leagues. If the Broncos use Tebow during red zone plays and he is scoring a lot of Touchdowns, then it will be worth taking him for that reason.

I don't think he will give you a bunch of yards either passing or running (unless of course Quinn or Orton gets injured), so the primary points will come from touchdowns. I am so optimistic that when Tebow gets into the game, he will produce with a high success rate on whatever play he is asked to do.

Analysis report from CBSSports

Tebow doesn't appear to be affected much by expectations or pressure, which shouldn't be too surprising considering he was one of the most popular college football players ever. "I think I've had somewhat pressure on me the last few years and I don't really ever think about it because all I worry about is what I can control and that's my attitude, my effort and my focus," Tebow said. "Those are all things that I can control -- I can't control anything else so I'm really not going to spend much time worrying about it." Tebow is likely to break camp third on the Broncos' depth chart behind Kyle Orton and Brady Quinn. He might see some snaps in the Wildcat formation early in the season, but he isn't expected to make a big impact. He shouldn't be drafted in seasonal Fantasy formats and only drafted in rookie and long-term keeper formats.

I love his attitude when it comes to the pressure he has. He knows if he stays focused on the task at hand (learning the playbook and reading defenses), everything else will fall into place. He isn't worried about moving past Quinn for #2 on the depth chart. He knows everything will happen in due time. McDaniels won't force the issue and move him up the ranks if Tebow isn't ready.

Projected 2010 Stats: 1,245 passing yards, 7 totals TDs, 8 INTs

I don't know if I agree with the 7 total TDs because I think he will have more opportunities to score then just 7. I am looking at double digits total TDs.

Overall its going to be a fun preseason for the Broncos and a fun season to watch whenever Tebow plays.


  1. Hi there, I admire what Tebow had to say regarding attitude, effort and focus. It is not easy for everybody to take control on this attributes but in his case it comes naturally. This man will definitely shine when the right time comes. He surely will..

  2. You are right SCG. Tebow will prove his doubters wrong and when he does, it will be enjoyable to watch.