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Monday, July 26, 2010

Welcome to my Blog

I will make my first post an intro post to let you guys know a little about me for those who don't already.

My name is Chad. I am 26 and currently residing in Florida. I started collecting when I was a teen and got hooked on it from then on out. I had to take a break when I went into the US Air Force where I served from 2001-2004. I was stationed @ Ramstein AB, Germany, where I served as a Crew Chief (Aircraft Mechanic) on C-130s and C-9s. I absolutely loved every minute of it and if I could go back in I would in a heartbeat but due to medical reasons I can no longer serve.

So after I left, I decided to pick back up with collecting sports cards. I resumed with a sizable collection that I picked up from a collector who was going out of business and sold his cards to me for extremely cheap. These included mostly BVG graded MLB, NBA, NFL and a few NHL vintage cards. It also included some game used and auto from the modern years. Needless to say, it was a good collection to reestablish myself back into the community of sports card collecting again.

I decided not to open up a store on the streets but to instead start an online hobby selling mostly through Ebay and running trades through forums. So far it is working out well and I am having fun doing it, which is the important part.. right :).

I enjoy collecting specialty cards which include BGS/PSA graded cards (higher graded preferably), Game Used, Auto and Low serial numbered cards. Right now I am building up my Tim Tebow collection which I will go into in depth later in the blog. The most fun I have is opening up cases (when I can afford it that is) and seeing what key cards are in there that I can get graded if necessary and put up onto the store for sale or use for trades.

My first set of boxes I opened was the 2010 Panini Prestige which recently came out. I received some pretty good cards including several decent (hope to be better in the future) auto rookies which were sent to Beckett to be graded. I received several jersey cards to include a Colt McCoy patch/auto card which was pretty cool. I was going after a case of 2010 Donruss Elite but got robbed from an Ebayer who never communicated with me and I was forced to file a claim in which Ebay thankfully refunded the entire amount back to me. The next case I did was the current release of 2010 Panini Classics. This case was shipped and I am able to track it this time. I should receive it on Wednesday of this week, so I am pretty excited to open it when it arrives. I don't see any more releases in August for football so I am thinking of doing 2010 Topps Triple Threads Baseball next (only if I can make a good profit from the Panini Classics case since the Triple Threads case is quite expensive.

Alrighty as you can probably tell from my Blog Title I am a Tebow fan. Well actually I am a die hard Florida Gator fan both football and basketball. So when Tebow finished his career with Florida I immediately became a fan of the Denver Broncos and am rooting for Tebow to succeed. I am currently collecting as many Tebow cards as I can so I will be posting pictures of the cards I obtain through the cases I open or cheap Ebay/trades I can acquire. I will also keep you guys updated on any news regarding Tebow. Right now the Broncos Training Camp just started for the Rookies so we will see how Tebow does. There have been rumors that Tebow will have to holdout due to contract issues but I certainly hope that doesn't happen.

Alright that is it for my intro (even though it kinda went into a Tebow post lol) I will post more tomorrow on Tebow's new Nike Shoe and its just announced release date so you guys if interested can get a pair. Hope I can keep this blog exciting and full of good info so you guys don't fall asleep on me lol.

Have a good night everyone.


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