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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Short Promotion

If you are a sports card collector and would like to join a small but knowledgeable group of collectors. Sports Card Radio and its forum is the place for you. Its not like any of these other forums who have thousands of members. At SCR even though the member count is small, the quality sure isn't lacking when it comes to knowledge and experience in the sports card field.

I have been a member since 09 and I absolutely love it. Everyone is friendly and happy to talk about anything sports card related. And it's not just sports cards its sports in general that we chat about.

So if you have some time, please come by and check them out. Its a great place to share your collecting stories.

I almost forgot about the equally as important feature with SCR. The creator of the forums, Colin and his brother Ryan, puts together podcast about sports card topics. These topics cover anything and everything that the sports card collector would need to know. So be sure to check them out also on this page - - there are currently 57 shows to listen to.

See you there!


  1. 100% agree! There may not be many members but its the most welcoming forum out there. And the show is awesome, even though some of the music Colin plays is questionable!

  2. Haha yes and the sounds of the PS2 in the background make me jealous since I lack any consoles. But that's alright, I love my laptop :)

  3. SCR is the best forum out there. It's not full of snobs and "super-collectors" like some of the other forums. The radio show is so important, too. The work that they put into gathering all that info is amazing.