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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Release Date...Finally

It has finally arrived. The long awaited date. These shoes (Tim Tebow Nike Trainer 1.2) are going to fly off the market. I don't see just Florida Gator/Tim Tebow fans getting a pair but also collectors too. Just think if you have a pair in pristine condition laying at your house or business where your collection is, and Tebow does in fact go on to have a Hall of Fame type career. The value increase on those would be up the roof.

I have read several forums where pictures of the shoe have been listed and it has been mostly "ugly" comments. So I am guessing you have to be a true Florida fan to enjoy the style and how Nike/EA Sports designed the shoe. For me they had me at Orange and Blue lol, everything else was just a BIG plus. Alright enough with the suspense, I have talked enough without disclosing the date :). Here it is.

August 6, 2010 @

I talked to a Nike representative and it was disclosed that the shoe will be released roughly at midnight and have a cost of around $100. So I am hoping that by the time I wake up on the 6th that there will be a pair or two still there for me :). He wouldn't tell me exactly how many pairs would be available for purchase, just said "They would be in limited quantity." Oh well I tried. Now for the pictures. These pictures were first published on which is the same website who let us know of the release date, so big props to them.

Well that's enough chatter for now. I have a new date to look forward to besides Wednesday hehe.

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